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These include allowing for capital maintenance of assets, ensuring security of supply and meeting drinking water and environmental quality requirements. It is important to have enough water for people to use at home. Useful websites Appendix 4. However, should customer demand for water and water available for supply in the future be as we expect it, we will not need to use any of these new ideas.

Use of low grade heat from CHP engines: Our links have been particularly strong with stakeholders in Cumbria, for which we have been involved in two stakeholder events.

Options environmental appraisal Section 9: This demonstrated reducing leakage and increasing water efficiency in the home are customers preferred options, with and without consideration of the impacts on bills.

These options were preferred to solely implementing new water supplies.

Our Plan 2015 to 2020

We took account of these views in preparing our draft plan Willingness-to-pay surveys January and August Detailed willingness-to-pay studies asked our customers to express the extent to which they would be willing or otherwise to see their water bills increase in order that increases in level of service could be obtained.

Ofwat will lead work to facilitate new markets to support improved water resilience. What is a Water Resources Management Plan and how is it put together.

Before Ofwat make their final decisions on our business plan there are changes we have already chosen to make.

For example, climate change may be worse than predicted or pollution may mean that some water sources can t be used for a while.

Interview: Graham Keegan, chief operating officer, Eight2O

The very high cost of this option and the fact that it would take longer to design and build than the other alternatives mean that it is not in our customers or the environment s interest to consider this alternative plan further.

We have continued our liaison with this new body. We are focusing like never before on delivering brilliant services and providing our customers with a great experience.

Interim activities until implementation of our preferred option Section Are we giving the right behaviours. A new business model The business model developed at privatisation has been effective over the past 25 years and has brought significant benefits for customers and the environment.

Make informed decisions with the FT.

This remains the lowest cost combination of options to maintain water supply to our customers in West Cumbria. This Water Resources Management Plan is complemented by our Drought Plan 3, which sets out the short-term operational steps we will take as a drought progresses.

United Utilities should take the following legislation in to account when carrying out any works within the designated landscapes in the region: Every five years we are required to undertake a detailed review of service and expenditure needs for all our water and wastewater services, known as the Price Review.

Ensuring sustainable water abstraction to protect the environment In most cases, and for most of the time, in North West England, there is adequate water available for abstraction. We offer primary schools in the North West a free water efficiency education programme, including fun freebies.

We are already working to refine the water resources management planning process and other regulatory incentives. This might occur, for example, if the Thirlmere option becomes undeliverable and we need to implement our contingency plan.

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Underground structures were minimised to reduce potential for delays due to potential groundwater and increased construction costs associated with excavations. The three alternative plans for West Cumbria from our draft Water Resources Management Plan were presented to respondents rotated per group who were then asked for their initial feedback.

Therefore we conducted a second stage survey looking at these issues and customers relative values for different types of water resource option. Water resources and demand strategy Section Other key documents concerning water resources and demand planning issues from regulators have been taken in to account; these are discussed throughout this report.

Developing a lower cost, less resilient set of local water sources came second. This water resources management plan sets out our strategy to minimise the effects of drought or prolonged dry weather conditions, and ensure that water use restrictions and other drought powers are required no more frequently than our customers would expect.

Without changes to our abstraction from Ennerdale Water, this species could become extinct in England. What is United Utilities doing to reduce leakage and help conserve water?. The Ofwat PR14 reconciliation rulebook was originally published on 23 Julyamended on 17 February and further amended on 4 October Open for business: Reviewing the first year of the business retail water market Thames Tideway ; Go back Water sector overview.

Water Initial assessment of Business Plans pro-forma Business Plan presentation pro-forma with neighbouring water companies to consider water transfer plans and other initiatives. At PR14, most water companies, including us, used a stated preference technique.

Statement on water companies' PR14 business plans; Print Page. News. Latest news; Blog; Events; Statement on water companies' PR14 business plans. Water charges. 2 December Water companies have listened to their hard-pressed customers over the last year and looked to ensure their bills for will be as low as possible, while also.

Five-year business plan ; Forward programme ; Go back As a consequence of missing its commitment on leakage, Thames will be penalised £m. This is the maximum automatic penalty under the performance commitment regime for missing this specific target.

Responding to the announcement today by Thames Water, Ofwat Chief Executive Cathryn. Our Blueprint for Yorkshire The right outcome for Yorkshire Our Wholesale Water priorities to shape the direction of our business. This price review is known as PR14 and will Our Wholesale Water Business Plan – Board Assurance Statement.

7. Thames Water AMP6 Outcomes Reporting Policy 2 Thames Water Business PlanJune line with the principles we set out in our PR14 Business Plan with regards to performance reporting, monitoring and assurance.

Governance and accountability structure.

Pr14 business plan thames water freebies
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