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The processing plant produces dressed chicken slaughtered and cleaned. The only visible effort of the government is the recent ban on the importation of live or frozen poultry birds. The plans should then be reviewed if needed and new goals should be re-assessed and developed for the periods ahead.

Breeds suitable for commercial poultry business 5. So if you are interested in starting a poultry farming business, then you must be prepared to go it alone without looking to the government for help.

Even the assumed agricultural loan the government provided cannot be accessed because of the stringent conditions attached. Although collection and handling of birds has improved with the use of loader vehicles, but it is an established fact that greater the distance between the poultry producer and consumer, more complicated is the marketing system including their collection, handling and transportation to the consumer or processing plants.

He is donating thousands of chickens to as a means of empowering people to earn an income by starting poultry farming businesses.

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Within first 2 days of arrival, your chicks do not eat much, instead provide constant water spread small amount feed in feed tray for them. Feeding is a major aspect of poultry farming.

Chicks need more care after they hatch especially within their first 3 weeks. So the size of the poultry house will depend on the number of birds to be reared.

Before setting up a project, one should have details on the following Land: The cages are separated into various compartments and also creates a perfect environment for laying eggs.

Management and Labour for Broiler Poultry Business The number of farm workers you need will depend on the size of your poultry farming business project. You can either manufacture poultry feeds, or you can purchase poultry feeds.

High start-up capital The very first factor you have to give serious consideration to is capital. It will be easier to plan and budget as you will be aware of all the costs involved in setting up and running the broiler chicken business.

Broiler chicken stock feeds are formulated to provide the protein, energy, vitamins and other nutrients essential for health and efficient growth of the birds. Operations, market analysis, estimates of sales and expenses should reflect what is happening in real life.

Then i advice you read on. Total Project Cost A layer farm with a population of 10, birds established building sheds needs a capital investment of about N14,for construction.

Poultry Farming Business Plan & Feasibility Study in Nigeria

If the chicks move out and are using only the very fringe of the area, reduce the temperature a few degrees. When feeding mash, ensure a coarse uniform particle size is achieved.

In this instance, wide circulation becomes potentially dangerous. The consumption of white meat is increasing due to growing health consciousness in the masses. If they huddle together in a tight group temperatures should be increased a few degrees. Broilers chickens need sufficient space for them to grow well, they should not be crowded, otherwise they may suffocate to death and that will lead to a loss in your poultry farming business.

Broiler farming is a profitable venture depending on the demand of the meat in the market. Also, adulterated poultry food flooding the market is another challenge for poultry entrepreneurs.

This means that you can do more than one batch of birds in a year. In fact, only essential information necessary for the reader to form opinion and take decisions should be left. Note that there are two modes of business operation namely: Use figures where necessary.

Types of chicken houses suitable for small starters and chicken house equipment. Records management Relative to records management, each project should have a record book on which information on the number of stocked live birds, slaughtered and deaths are recorded.

Such information will guide poultry feed marketers on where to buy their feed and how profitable the business could be.

Poultry Marketing – Statement of the Problem

Consequently, poultry farming is generically used to refer to chicken farming in the country. In budgeting for feeding, a bag cost about N2, today and 4bags could feed birds per days. Here are some bird breeds you can raise on your poultry farm: Poultry farming involves the commercial raring of domesticated birds such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese, for the purpose of or eggs for personal consumption In this post, we are for person interested to starting a poultry farm in nigeria and specifically we will be talking about Chickens which is one of the most popular poultry birds.

As such, your business plan needs to be simple and clear. Poultry Farming Business Plan & Feasibility Study in Nigeria July 13, by BusinessPlan 2 Comments This Poultry farming business and feasibility study is updated regularly and so can be used to procure Grants,Bank Loans, competitions, etc.

Jul 27,  · To start a chicken farm business, decide if you want to focus on eggs, meat production, or another specialty niche, then obtain the necessary equipment.

Next, choose a chicken breed that matches your farming goals and set up coops or cages to keep them in. Feed and care for your chickens daily and be sure to separate any chickens that seem ill from the rest of the population%(48).

Poultry Farming Business Plan PDF & Feasibility Studies In Nigeria. In Nigeria, over million people consume poultry products ranging from eggs, chicken, turkey, thousands of this poultry product are being consumed on a daily basis and that is why this business is so profitable because the demand for poultry product is always high.

The payback period of a poultry farming business is between 3 – 5 years. Five Challenges of Starting a Poultry Farming Business. Poultry farming business is one of the most important and profitable aspect of livestock farming business especially in Nigeria.

But like every other business, there are risks and challenges involved. Poultry Farming Business Plan in Nigeria PDF / Feasibility Study Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria, and according to statistics poultry farming in Nigeria recorded huge profit due to the recent investment in agriculture across the country and the high demand for chicken met and eggs.

Business Plan Nigeria – To Write Feasibility Study & Proposal

Poultry farming. In writing a business plan, it is paramount that you know the format to follow and better still, follow a sample in writing yours to avoid wasting time, effort, money and resources. Therefore, I will be using this post in giving a business plan for a poultry farming business which can be .

Poultry farming business plan in nigeria pdf merge
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Business Plan Nigeria - To Write Feasibility Study & Proposal